School Physical

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School Physical

School Physical services offered in Harlandale, San Antonio, TX

School physicals may seem like another time-consuming chore, but they serve the vital purpose of setting your child up for a successful school year. At Harlandale Clinic in San Antonio, Texas, Melhem Dandan, MD, FACOG, FAAFP, and Eric Hettler, PA-C, MPAS, make sure your child is healthy and has the immunizations they need before they can enter school. They also offer sports physicals for children and teens planning to enjoy athletic activities. To schedule an appointment, call the office or use the online booking feature today!

What happens during a school physical?

School physicals are important, not only for your child’s health and safety, but also for teachers. Teachers and other school staff need to know if students have any conditions that affect their ability to participate in educational and athletic activities or that may need special accommodations.

Your Harlandale Clinic provider thoroughly evaluates your child’s overall health, beginning by reviewing their medical history and checking their height, weight, and blood pressure. They also learn about any problems your child may currently have, if they have allergies, or were hospitalized since their last checkup.

Then your provider completes a physical exam, assessing your child’s:

  • Eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Head and scalp
  • Heart and lungs
  • Skin
  • Abdomen
  • Posture

Vision and hearing screenings in Texas are also required within 120 days of entering kindergarten, first, third, fifth, and seventh grades, or any time a child first enrolls in school. 

Does a school physical include vaccinations?

Texas requires all children to have certain vaccinations and to show proof of their vaccination history before entering school every year. The team at Harlandale Clinic is up to date with the requirements and will work soon on providing the vaccinations during a school physical. 

How do sports physicals differ from school physicals?

Any student wanting to participate in sports or extra-curricular activities must have a pre-participation sports physical. This physical differs from a routine school physical because it focuses on ensuring that your child can handle the stress of sports without the risk of injury or health problems.

Your provider carefully examines their bones, muscles, and joints, looking for strength, flexibility, and any signs of pain or inflammation. They also need to know if your child has a history of injuries, illnesses, or health conditions that might worsen if they engage in athletic activities.

Having a health problem doesn’t mean your child cannot play sports. For many conditions, such as asthma, your provider develops a proactive plan that protects them from a sports-related flare-up.

A few examples of conditions that must be properly treated before clearing your child to play sports include skin infections, head injuries, unexplained fainting, viral infections, and any previous sprains or fractures that haven’t fully healed.

If it’s time for your child’s school or sports physical, call Harlandale Clinic or request an appointment online today.